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Heavenly Wear offers the largest collection of ladies faith based sport and leisure apparel. All designs are original creations and are of only the highest quality to ensure lasting satisfaction and enjoyment. Witness While You Are Walkin', in Heavenly Wear, of course!

If you are new to Heavenly Wear, why not take a few minutes to cruise our site and familiarized yourself with the finest in faith based apparel. Get to know Bernie, and follow her long gospel music career!

As the fall season is in full swing and the holidays approach, keep Heavenly Wear in mind as you start your Christmas shopping.

Bernie was recently honored by the producers of the upcoming feature film, "NAIL 32" , when they asked her to be a part of this outstanding Christian faith based production. Based on a true story, Nail 32 is the life story of Pastor Jasper Weaver and chronicles the beginning of the Cowboy Church movement in the USA. The film illustrates the hardships, rejections, determination and love of God that Jasper (played as a young man by Shelton Murphy and later in life by none other than Brad Johnson from the movie series "Left Behind") endured and experienced as he accepted Christ and went on to form one of the most dedicated and unique ministries. Jasper was a cowboy and cowboys weren't readily accepted in the church of 1978.

Don't miss this outstanding movie coming up for release on Fathers Day June 21, 2015 in an area near you. Miss Bernie was honored to play a singing part in the movie which you won't want to miss. Bernie's husband, Tom was an extra in the movie and the producers were kind enough to feature Heavenly Wear products in several scenes as well.

We thank Flying T Entertainment Group for their outstanding production and we know the impact on Christians and non Christians alike will be long felt from the message this movie and Jasper Weaver's life, have on all who are fortunate enough to view it.


Don't miss the new styles and designs featured here and our sister website, Heavenlywear.TV

Nail 32 has been released and is currently touring the country showing in churches and other venues. You can obtain your own DVD copy of Nail 32 and the separate soundtrack recording of the music of Nail 32 right here on Heavenly Wear.

God is Good!

NEW!!!! Edify
List Price $51.79
Today's Value $32.90
Heavenly Hounds
List Price $46.00
Today's Value $24.99
Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts! Ladies classy tee
List Price $48.99
Today's Value $28.75
Totz Raspberry Pink Ruffled Romper Dress
List Price $43.99
Today's Value $26.99
NEW!!!! Edify-- What a great suggestion to those seeing your new Heavenly Wear design! To inform and enlighten spiritually should be all of our goals. This design carries the unique Heavenly Wear curved cross as well as the Heavenly Wear cross/wing logo on the left arm in our special Heavenly Wear black diamond rhinestones for tasteful brilliance. You can't go wrong in this charcoal silver special of 100% ringspun pre-shrunk cotton.

Here is the new Heavenly Hounds, "I'm An Angel Too" snug hoodie for your Furry Family members! This is a beautiful stretch fabric hoodie with the left and right pockets (for that special treat storage, of course) AND, it is decorated with the high quality Heavenly Wear logo in select crystal rhinestones and the words, "Heavenly Hound" followed by, "I'm An Angel, Too!" as shown in the pictures.. It is available in the cool pink to match our ladies pink hoodies for the girlie pups, and in blue for the boys

SIZE NOTES: These are a stretch fabric but the size guide is as follows; 0 to 5lbs. we suggest XS--- 5 to 10lbs. we suggest S---11 to 23lbs we suggest M--- 24 to 45lbs we suggest L

Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts is the same highest quality product as our entire line up. It is preshrunk, size correct and fitted so well. 100% ringspun cotton, of course. Hearts is decorated randomly on the front with various rhinestone appliques and on the back it features a rhinestone application of, simply, 'Faith'. So understated! So tasteful! So True!

Here is the new raspberry pink ruffled romper for the little angels among us. 100% cotton, pre-shrunk with a snap bottom closures. Decorated on the back with the Heavenly Wear large angel wing brilliant rhinestone motif and a beautiful angel featuring the rhinestone halo on the front. Sure to please. CPSSC compliant.
'Sing With Joy' Ladies Classy Tee
List Price $59.99
Today's Value $36.50
Love Cross
List Price: $43.99
Our Price: $30.97
Ladie's Deluxe ZIP Hoodie
List Price $81.50
Today's Value $48.49

'Sing With Joy' is a beautiful and classy design which shows the music staff and the words, 'Sing With Joy' together with Bernie's touch of random and various sized rhinestone additions to the front. As with all of our designs, this carries the rhinestone Heavenly Wear® angel wing/cross logo on the left sleeve but, there is more! Sing With Joy features the large rhinestone angel wing application on the back of the shirt for an eye catching, faith inspired classy garment. The same 100% ringspun cotton, pre-shrunk beautifully fitted example as all of our ladies wear, you can't miss with this beautiful, appealing variation.-

Love Cross! This white 100% ringspun cotton shirt carries a graceful and very meaningful message to all. It shows all of the qualities we all strive for and the greatest of these is Love! This beautiful top features the Heavenly Wear Select rhinestone word "LOVE" across the bar of the cross and the Heavenly Wear winged cross logo in brilliant rhinestones on the left sleeve.

Here is the requested ZIP version of the classy ladie's Heavenly Wear Hoodie. Currently available in black, soft pink and Caribbean blue. This well made garment features the larger Heavenly Wear rhinestone logo on the left front breast, the Heavenly Wear font down the left arm and of course, the large Heavenly Wear angel wing in our special brilliant rhinestones on the back.This garment is a full cut ladies size. They are made to our specifications and are fully true to size and are preshrunk. This hoodie contain over 2200 of our select crystal rhinestones for a tasteful way to "Let Your Light Shine". As Bernie says, "Everyone needs an angel at their back". Check out the Heavenly Totz section for a complimenting kiddie version for those little ones and grandchildren.-

The original movie soundtrack from the hit movie Nail 32 starring Brad Johnson from "Left Behind" fame. This soundtrack features cuts from our own Bernie Parquette, Holly Spears, Michael Knight, Wild Horses, W.C. Jameson, Jeff Posey, Jeff Gore, Bob Corley, Jared Hicks, Rob Dubois and a special instrumental written and performed by Levi Weaver, the grandson of Jasper "Buck" Weaver, the main subject of Nail 32.

Add this to your music collection and accompany each DVD you might purchase with a matching copy of this soundtrack. 11 tracks, all outstanding. Get your now!
Hope Anchors The Soul
List Price: $48.99
Our Price: $33.79
Time For Bold Faith
List Price: $49.15
Our Price: $34.10
List Price: $37.00
Our Price: $23.99
Make A Joyful Noise
List Price $56.99
Today's Value $29.69
Hope Anchors the Soul- And how true is that! This beautiful Heavenly Wear special top is presented on our trademark 4.5oz 100% ringspun cotton garment and is available in black or navy blue. The fitting large anchor separates the banner to emphasize the phrase. And, of course, the Heavenly Wear wing cross logo appears on the left sleeve.Only Heavenly Wear Select crystal rhinestone are used on all Heavenly Wear apparel for lasting brilliance and washability. The Heavenly Wear fashion fit is great no matter your size or shape.
Here's a message we all need more of! Time For Bold Faith represents our need to project our faith to all around us on so many topics. This 4.5 oz 100% ringspun cotton top is just the way to make that easier! Remember, "Witness While You're Walkin" (In Heavenly Wear, of course). As always, Heavenly Wear Select rhinestones compliment the design with just enough crystal sparkle but not gaudy.
Courage Is Fear That Has Said Its Prayers-- Support law enforcement everywhere with this classic statement. This shirt features the law enforcement badge with the black mourning band to recognize LEO's lost in the line of duty with the Thin Blue Line of support. This shirt is our M-F cut in 100% Ringspun Cotton for that added washability and that fine, luxurious feel. Printed right here in the heartland by Heavenly Wear, of course! Please note! A portion of each sale of this dedicated shirt will be donated to the Wisconsin Chapter of Concerns Of Police Survivors, "COPS" to aide in their support of families and loved ones of those lost in the line of duty.
Comes in navy blue and is available in sizes Small through 3 XL.

This highest quality example of Heavenly Wear comes in white, pre-shrunk 100% cotton. The front features the Large treble clef in brilliant rhinestones as shown. This classy tee has the Heavenly Wear rhinestone logo on the left sleeve. Mix and Match with anything in your wardrobe.

"I Will Bless Those Who Bless You"
List Price: $47.99
Our Price: $29.89
Prayin' Out Loud
List Price $56.99
Today's Value $28.75
"Cowboy Up"
List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $34.40
Bernie Parquette "No More Tears"
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $23.00
"I Will Bless Those Who Bless You" God's Word from Genesis 12 vs3 - This garment speaks so much about God's love for Israel. A love which we here at Heavenly Wear share so much! Our design features the butterflies of peace meeting in the flag colors of the USA and Israel above which are placed the Christian cross of the garment right and the star of David on the garment left both in our Heavenly Wear Select brilliant crystal rhinestones. The Heavenly Wear wing cross logo sits on the left sleeve, also in Heavenly Wear Select rhinestone. This garment comes only in the appropriate color of royal blue and is done in our signature 4.5oz 100% preshurnk ringspun cotton and that ladies classic fashion fit we are noted for. Enjoy, and share your support for Israel as you "Witness While You're Walkin'"---

Prayin' Out Loud-- The NEW namesake ladies classy tee for Bernie's gospel album of the same name. This quality, preshrunk 100% cotton garment comes with the Prayin' Out Loud front music staff adorned with rhinestones and the red rhinestone spray. The left arm features the rhinestone and imprinted Heavenly Wear logo and the back features simply, the rhinestone word, 'Believe". We should be Prayin' Out Loud,.....

Here is the famous "Cowboy Up" design by Heavenly Wear created specifically for the faith based movie, "Nail 32" and worn in the movie by singer-actress-songwriter Miss Holly Spears.

Don't miss this limited time opportunity to get this item, only at Heavenlywear.net today.

This top is 100% ringspun cotton in 3.5oz weight with the requested v-neck cut and styling. Ringspun cotton is an additional processing feature which gives a much softer, luxurious feel as well as superb washability and color retention. Our top of the line Heavenly Wear Select rhinestones round out the design.

Get yours today, and "Cowboy Up".

The movie Nail 32, produced by JCFilms and Flying T Entertainment Group
Bernie's latest CD Project, "No More Tears" is available now! This 2 CD SET features Bernie's latest choices for true gospel inspiration and features two new songs written by Bernie! The namesake song, No More Tears was written by Bernie as a memorial to the passing of her mother, Mrs. Sylvia Holland and Mrs. Holland's life. Don't miss adding this outstanding two cd set to your collection of Bernie's music.
Heavenly Wear fashion hats
List Price $28.99
Today's Price $21.99
"Grace, God's Unmerited Favor"
List Price: $45.99
Our Price: $31.88
"Behold, I Make All Things New"
List Price: $46.99
Our Price: $31.87
Angels Among Us Rhinestone decorated ladies tee
List Price $48.99
Today's Value $28.75
The Heavenly Wear fashion sport hat! Available in soft pink, black, khaki tan and navy blue. These fully adjustable (velco tab) hats feature the large angel wing design on the left front with the Heavenly Wear name just behind on the left side. Add it to your other Heavenly Wear ensembles for a complete look!
"Grace, God's Unmerited Favor" --This garment is also presented on our 4.5oz 100% preshrunk ringspun cotton in that fabulous ladies fashion fit Heavenly Wear is known for! The word "Grace" is presented in our Heavenly Wear Select turquoise rhinestones for added contrast and the Heavenly Wear wing cross logo resides on the left sleeve so tastefully! Available in Lime Green (shown) and black in sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL only.
"Behold I make all things new" is a new design presented on this beautiful lavender 4.5 oz 100% ringspun cotton garment in the Heavenly Wear tradition ladies fashion cut. All Heavenly Wear garments are preshrunk and use only the finest materials including the Heavenly Wear Select crystal rhinestones for your enjoyment and for long lasting brilliance. This too, features the Heavenly Wear logo in those same brilliant rhinestones on the left sleeve.

Highest quality, 100% ringspun cotton, pre-shrunk ladies decorated tee, true to size. Decorated with Angels Among Us and a beautiful angel wing rhinestone pattern on the front. The Heavenly Wear® wing logo in rhinestone is a left sleeve feature of all Heavenly Wear® garments.

NEW!!!!! Heaven's Song
List Price $69.95
Today's Value $35.50
"I Am New Because Of His Mercy"
List Price: $44.99
Our Price: $34.59
Nail 32 DVD
Our Price: $20.00
Bernie Parquette 'Prayin' Out Loud'
List Price: $23.00
Our Price: $23.00
Heavens Song is a new special edition design by Heavenly Wear Select. It is a 100% cotton, ringspun pre-shrunk garment decorated with the Heavens Song front of the matching feathers in the shape of an angel wing treble clef. Below is a music staff adorned with the brilliant Heavenly Wear rhinestone music note motifs. It is a slightly longer cut to compliment the fit and the design. The Heavenly Wear rhinestone logo is on the left sleeve.
"I Am New Because Of His Mercy" The Heavenly Wear 3/4 sleeve top of 4.5oz 100% ringspun cotton, preshrunk, with that classic ladies fit. Featuring as all do, the Heavenly Wear Select crystal rhinestone embellishment tastefully built into the design for that extra pop but not gaudy! The traditional Heavenly Wear wing cross logo in brilliant Heavenly Wear Select rhinestones appears on the upper back center. Make a faith fashion statement suitable for any occasion! Available in Black or Turquoise in sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL only.
Great gifts & a great faith based film based on the true story of Jasper Weaver. The story begins in 1978 with a young Jasper as a rodeo cowboy living life on the rodeo circuit. Jasper accepts Christ and goes through many trials and rejections as he walked with God on a journey which took him from the rodeo pens to gpoing on to become one of the original founders of the Cowboy Church movement in the US. Starring Brad Johnson of "Left Behind" fame, along with Shelton Murphy, Lea Penick from TV's "American Hoggers", Chad Eubank "America's Toughest Cowboy", Shelton Murphy, Jeff Gore, Holly Spears and Sheriff Bob Alford. Our own Bernie Parquette appears and sings as no one can at a pivotal point in young Jaspers (Buck) life.

This film is a must see for everyone, Christian or not, young, old, man, woman or child. They make great gifts. Movie music soundtrack available separately.
'Prayin Out Loud'  contains TWO full length cd's. One is of traditional and contemporary gospel all done in Bernie's unique style and eye for top notch quality and arrangements. She is accompanied by such greats as Judy & Jonathan Martin, and others, as she takes you through this exciting and thoughtful collection of her favorite songs. The second cd is Bernie and her very favorite Christmas songs done only as Bernie can do them. Each note in each song echoes Bernie's rock solid faith and love of God. Why not join her?
God Is Hope
List Price: $51.99
Our Price: $33.79
More Jesus, Less Me
List Price: $48.99
Our Price: $33.44
Totz White Elephant Onesie
List Price $28.95
Today's Value $17.99
Heavenly Totz comfy Hoodie
List Price $48.99
Today's Value $28.90
God Is Hope is another of our 100% ringspun 4.5oz cotton tops with the great cut and fit that Heavenly Wear is known for. The Heavenly Wear Select rhinestones shout out Hope and compliment the garment completely. The Heavenly Wear winged corss rhinestone logo sits tastefully on the left sleeve.
More Jesus, Less Me! This 100% ringspun cotton 4.5 oz. top with the great humble message is something we all can aspire to. Heavenly Wear Select crystal rhinestones compliment this fashion fit ladies comfort top along with the Heavenly Wear wing cross rhinestone logo on the left sleeve.
The cute white onesie features our happy little elephant on the front holding a heart which states, "Jesus Loves Me". On the back, the Heavenly Wear rhinestone wing/cross logo.
CPSC compliant.
Here is the Heavenly Totz 100% cotton hoodie so our little ladies can compliment Mom or Grandma in their hoodies too! This special hoodie features the special large angel wing brilliant rhinestone back and the Heavenly Wear wing/cross logo on the left front. The Heavenly Wear name runs down the left arm. For safety, there is no drawstring. Also, all Heavenly Totz items feature all lead free components and are approved by the CPSC for children.
Bernie Parquette 'Traditions'
List Price: $23.00
Our Price: $23.00
"Faith Can Move Mountains"
List Price: $45.99
Our Price: $45.99
Long Sleeve Ladies Luxury Top
List Price $69.95
Today's Value $39.50
Totz Teddy Bear Cupcake Onesie
List Price $28.95
Today's Value $17.99
This is a 2 CD SET by Bernie Parquette. And, as the name so well implies, these are traditional gospel songs which we all grew up on and a couple bonuses as well. Don't miss this exciting collection as it brings the words and feel of the great gospel songs which are etched in our hearts and they are presented as only Bernie can. With her heartfelt faith and exciting, clean arrangements, you will fall in love with these songs all over again. Faith Can Move Mountains- Another beautiful garment presented in soft yellow or black. This comes on the 4.5oz preshrunk 100% ringspun cotton Heavenly Wear is famous for! The traditional ladies fashion cut fit works every time for every size or shape. The word "Faith" in Heavenly Wear Select turquoise rhinestones compliments the flower circled design tastefully. The Heavenly Wear wing cross logo in brilliant Heavenly Wear Select rhinestone adds a touch to the left sleeve. Available in yellow (shown) or black in sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL only.
Here is the item for those chilly days and chilly nights! The Heavenly Wear Select long sleeve. This features a 100% ringspun cotton pre-shrunk garment of highest quality and feel decorated with the large Heavenly Wear angel wing rhinestone motif on the back. It also has the Heavenly Wear wing/cross rhinestone logo over the left breast AND features our special "starfield" down the left arm together with random, brilliant Heavenly Wear fine cut rhinestones in sparkling crystal! Get cozy in the Heavenly Wear long sleeve luxury top! Available in soft pink and black AND new Raspberry.
The Totz Teddy Bear Cupcake Onesie features Teddy on the front in full color with the Heavenly Wear rhinestone wing/cross logo on the back. CPSC compliant.
NEW!!!! Heart
List Price $54.49
Today's Price $34.69
Totz Double Ruffled Tees!
List Price $28.95
Today's Value $17.99
He Alone Is My Rock
List Price: $49.90
Our Price: $35.10
Mercy Has No Memory, Grace Has No Regret
List Price: $49.44
Our Price: $34.45
NEW!!!! Hearts! This new design says it all without saying a thing! A large, full fuschia heart surrounding our Heavenly Wear brilliant rhinestones in a pattern of the cross, the dove and the fish. The Heavenly Wear cross/wing logo in rhinestone on the left arm says it all! 100% ringspun pre-shrunk cotton as are all of our ladies tops.
Here are the latest Heavenly Totz double ruffled tees in assorted colors. These are 100% ringspun cotton, pre-shrunk garments for our little angels. These are double ruffled on the hem and arms. The pink has the double ruffle in raspberry accent, the white has the raspberry double ruffle accent and the violet has a pretty purple accented double ruffle! These tees feature the Heavenly Wear winged angel carrying the cute little lamb and, of course, like all angels, she has the Heavenly Wear brilliant cut rhinestone halo above her little Heavenly head! On the back, you'll find the wing/cross logo also in the Heavenly Wear superfine brilliant cut rhinestones. All CPSC compliant safe and lead-free, of course. These are available in WHITE, SOFT PINK and VIOLET, sizes 2T, 4T and 5/6.
"He Alone Is My Rock"--This top is created with the 100% ringspun cotton that Heavenly Wear is noted for. It is a 4.5oz. fashion ladies cut of the highest quality. This garment carries that great name, "Jesus" done in the Heavenly Wear Select brilliant gold and crystal rhinestones which speak the faith silently. As with all Heavenly Wear designs, it features the crystal wing cross Heavenly Wear logo on the left sleeve. Add it to your collection of Heavenly Wear for any occasion.
Mercy Has No Memory, Grace Has No Regret- This 4.5oz 100% cotton ringspun garment carries the subtle cross in Heavenly Wear Select rhinestones and the Heavenly Wear wing cross logo on the left arm. Ready for any occasion.
Ladie's Decorated Tote Bag
List Price: $28.79
Our Price: $21.49
'Be Kind To Strangers' Decorated Ladies Tee
List Price $59.99
Today's Value $36.50
NEW!!!! Wise Men Still Follow Him
List Price $51.99
Today's Value $29.69
Je Suis Paris
List Price: $26.99
Our Price: $16.99
Here are the first of the new line of Heavenly Wear ladie's totes, bag's and purses. They are a durable canvas construction with brass metal fasteners and clips to the fully removable strap. But why would you want to? These large, cool totes come in the pictured colors of Pink, Black and dark tan. One side of the bag is decorated with a larger version of the traditional Heavenly Wear rhinestone logo.

This is the same ladies high quality tee, preshrunk 100% cotton ringspun, true to size and a nice longer cut as our other products but, of course, with a different theme. 'Be Kind To Strangers' is decorated on the front with the faith message. In addition, there are many randomly, uniquely placed solo rhinestones as well. As pictured,......this outstanding design also features the large rhinestone angel wing application on the back. It is AWESOME! All Heavenly Wear® designs use carefully selected rhinestones of the highest quality. Properly cared for, these WILL NOT wind up on the bottom of your washer as do many of the cheap, imported versions.

NEW!!!! "Wise Men Still Follow Him"---- This is a 100% cotton ringspun pre-shrunk garment of the finest quality with the V-Neck style. This design carries the Heavenly Wear design of the large star and radiating cross combo in our Heavenly Wear super brilliant rhinestones on the front. This is a new design but has been one of our top sellers in a short time. Wise men and women DO follow Him!--
Je Suis Paris
Our new 100% ringspun cotton top designed to show solidarity with Paris, France in the wake of the horrendous Islamic onslaught which was visited upon Paris by Islam on 11-13-2015. Je Suis Paris translated means "I Am Paris". The garment features the Eiffel Tower lighted in the colors of France. This is a limited edition garment and is available in sizes Small through 3 XL. Get your today.
"The Spirit Of God Descends As A Dove"
List Price: $44.99
Our Price: $32.47
"The Spirit Of God Descends As A Dove" Is a beautiful design inspired by scripture in Matthew 3 vs 16-17. This garment comes in pink (as shown) or black and both are of our signature 4.5 oz 100% preshrunk ringspun cotton in our traditional ladies fashion cut for just that right fit and feel. This design features our beautiful descending dove done in our Heavenly Wear Select crystal rhinestones and the Heavenly Wear logo, also in rhinestone sits tastefully on the left sleeve.
"Faith Is Not Believing God Can, It's Knowing He Will" is a new design presented on the 4.5oz preshrunk 100% ringspun cotton garment in the ladies classic fashion cut of Heavenly Wear Select. The garment is available in Turquoise or Black. The brilliant Heavenly Wear Select rhinestoned word "Faith" stands out to testify as you "Witness While You're Walkin" and yes, Let Your Light Shine!